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Jackson, Jackson & Hayes has assisted in the administration of 100s of Estates and Trusts over the year.

"Friendly Administration"

​​Most trusts and estates are administered without conflict.  In these cases, our role is make sure that you are performing your duties as required by Michigan law so you are personally protected.  We guide you through the process, and are there to answer all your questions during the administration.

"Unfriendly Administration"

Unfortunately, some trusts and estate are not exactly friendly affairs.  The uncomfortable truth is that sometimes the death of family member brings out the worst in those that survive them especially when it comes to dividing up assets.

Unlike a lot of estate planning attorneys, we are also a litigation firm with a lot of experience handling nasty disputes.  That means, if after all alternatives to avoid litigation have failed, we will aggressively litigate estate and trust administration.  

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