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Jackson, Jackson & Hayes supports the Mid-Michigan Regional Mental Health Court because our attorneys believe that our objective in representing our clients in criminal matters includes seeking the best course of action that will help each and every one of them both short and long term.  Sometimes that course of action includes getting our clients treatment services that will promote long-term sobriety, mental well-being, and being a productive member of society.

Ed Jackson is a member of the Clinton County Mental Health Court Board.   

Clinton County, Gratiot County and Montcalm County make up the Mid-Michigan Regional Mental Health Court.  

The Mental Health Court provides a track for defendants to obtain mental health treatment as part of their probation.  The focus is to provide proper medication and treatment as a preventive measures to reduce the chances of future criminal problems.

If you have a client that you feel could benefit from the Mental Health Court, contact the program coordinator, Ms. Daisy Beckett at (989) 954-8215 or by email at

Below are links that provide specific details regarding the Mental Health Court, as well as a referral form.

Mental Health Court brochure.pdf

Mental Health Court Participant Handbook.pdf

Mental Health Court booklet for defense attorney II.pdf

Mental Health Court Referral.pdf

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