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Family Law Attorneys in Clinton & Gratiot Counties, and practicing throughout the State

Erika Anderson Hayes, Cassandra Smithers and Ed Jackson focus on every client's individual case to figure out the best approach and strategy to get what each client needs when it comes to divorce, custody, visitation, child support, division of property and spousal support.

In most cases, you will work with one primary attorney, but our law firm approach is for all 3 attorneys to work as a team as develop the best strategy and course of action during your representation.  

Their combined knowledge of the law, courtroom experience, work ethic and attention to detail benefits each client and is tailored to best address each client's needs. 

Family Law Issues:

Child Custody
Visitation/Parenting Time
Child Support
Change of Domicile
Alimony/Spousal support
Division of Pensions, 401k, 403b and all Retirement Accounts
Real Property Division
Personal Property Division
Division of Debts
Post-Divorce Judgment Changes
Domestic Violence Related Divorce Issues, such as Personal Protection Orders

Jackson, Jackson & Hayes is a family owned law firm that understands that if you found your way to this webpage, you are probably feeling some stress and uncertainty.  

Lean on us, and our experience, familiarity with the system, ties to the community and most of all, our track record of success to get you through this. 

Jackson, Jackson & Hayes will prepare the necessary prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to protect your family business, home, and other assets that you have acquired prior to marriage..