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Ed Jackson has represented numerous clients in drunk driving cases in Clinton and Gratiot County.  Based on 20 years experience in that field, he recommends the following:

What are some things I should consider completing before sentencing on a drunk driving/impaired driving offense in Clinton County?

It is likely that the Judge will require that you complete the two alcohol awareness courses listed below, so it does not hurt for you to take the initiative to complete the courses in advance.

​1.Highway Safety Seminar.  This is a one day class offered in Mid-Michigan.  Visit: for information on the highway safety seminar, including locations and class schedules.  The cost is $95.00. The next class in Lansing is scheduled for Sunday, June 11, 2017.  Please make sure to check the wesbite to confirm.

2.Victims Impact Panel.  This class usually takes place on the second Tuesday of the month at the Clinton County Courthouse.  For exact class dates and times, call the 65-A District Court probation office at (989) 224-5157.  Usually check in/Registration begins at 5:30 p.m. and closes at 5:45 p.m.  Please contact (989) 224-5157 to confirm dates and times.

​If I wish to participate in AA or NA, where are sessions offered in the Mid-Michigan Area?  

Click this link for AA and NA information, including dates, times and locations: AA Meeting Directory - 2015.pdf  These dates and times are subject to change, so please make sure to call ahead to confirm.

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