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Jackson, Jackson & Hayes, P.C.

120 East Walker Street

P.O. Box 246

St. Johns, Michigan 48879

(989) 224-6734


Our goal is to always provide personal service to each individual client, and to that end, we want to meet you in person so we can talk face-to-face so we can insure that you get the time and attention you deserve when talking with a lawyer.

Unlike a lot of law firms that will route you to legal assistants or paralegals when you make initial contact, whether it be Ed, Erika or Cass, we want to meet you in person.

To insure prompt and accurate legal advice and services please call Jackson, Jackson & Hayes at (989) 224-6734 to schedule an appointment. If you are viewing on a mobile device, click the phone button at the top of the page. 

Note - all initial Estate Planning consults are always FREE. 

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