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Jackson, Jackson & Hayes currently represents several different financial institutions such as banks and credit unions across the state, handling their consumer collections and mortgage foreclosures.

We also collect debts  for our business clients, including the collection of unpaid invoices.

If you are like our current clients, over the years, there are a handful of accounts where you have been lied to countless times, and now are being ignored.  Let us help you.  Often times getting paid only requires one letter from our office.  If that does not work, we have the experience and expertise to sue, obtain a money judgment, and collect the judgment through any means legally allowed, such as bank, tax, and wage garnishments, and in some instances, execution of property.

The reality is that businesses that utilize a law firm willing to file a lawsuit to collect unpaid invoices, are more likely to get paid in the first place and they develop a reputation as a business that will not get taken advantage of.  Many debtors tends to "put off" businesses they perceive will not sue them, and pay off the ones that will. 

Drafting business contracts/personal guaranties

The best way to collect a debt is for your customer to pay you voluntarily!  And the best way to insure this happens is having the right contract, credit application and/or personal guaranty.

Having a well-written contract serves to deter the customer from not paying in the first place. Also, if it is necessary to sue, having the right contract is beneficial in litigation.  Often times, again, a customer is more likely to pay our office on your behalf if the customer knows that the written contract limits their ability to evade the inevitable.

We draft all types of business contracts related directly to your business.  In fact, we insist that you participate in the drafting to help us avoid pitfalls.  We also draft personal guaranties, and credit applications. 

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