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Feature Title

Jackson, Jackson & Hayes is a small business itself, so it understands from personal experience, the needs of our business clients.  We represent our business clients when litigation (suing someone) is necessary, as well as drafting contracts, agreements, and other transactional documents that help our clients avoid litigation in the first place.  We also specialize in collection of debts for small businesses and have collected thousands of dollars for our clients on unpaid invoices.  

We represent a wide range of area businesses, such as:

Crop Farmers
Dairy Farmers
Credit Unions
Concrete (Mix & installation)
Timber Buyers
Home Improvement Specialist
Credit Agencies
Auto Customization
Answering Services
Lumber Mills
Veneer Manufactures
Plumbing & Heating
Wedding Dress Stores
Restaurant owners
Bar owners
Trailer Sales
Trailer Manufacturers
Propane Providers
Commercial Trucking
Sewer & Septic
Agricultural Peat Suppliers
Construction (residential and commercial)
Auto Repair
Towing Services
Cleaning Services
Residential and Commercial Builders
Sand & Gravel

This is just a small listing of business owners that trust and rely on Jackson, Jackson & Hayes for all of their business needs, both as litigation attorneys and transactions.

In addition, Jackson, Jackson & Hayes represents multiple municipalities, such as the Village of Elsie and Village of Perrinton.