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Jackson, Jackson & Hayes  is a family owned Law Firm established on August 15, 1975 by William G. Jackson. Bill mentored Ed Jackson and  Erika Hayes who carry forward Bill's legacy as he approaches retirement.  In early 2016, attorney Cassandra Smithers joined Jackson, Jackson & Hayes.  Together, the attorneys at Jackson, Jackson & Hayes form the only Clinton County based law firm that handles nearly all areas of law.

Jackson, Jackson & Hayes has for over 40 years provided legal services to families of Clinton County,  meeting the broad legal needs of our community where not only do our attorneys work, but have set roots and chosen to live.  Our clients choose to lean on us for all of their legal needs, and we have become their family's lawyer, their children's lawyer, and the go-to resource the entire family counts on.  To achieve our goal of providing legal services A-Z to families in our community, we have worked hard to become, and remain educated on a wide variety of law that impacts you.

The list of legal services we provide to our clients is too long to list.  If you need legal help, have legal questions, or simply want to talk to a lawyer about something that has been on your mind, there is a good chance we have dealt with a similar situation before.  If we have not, and are not qualified to handle your case, we will give you a sound referral on where to turn next.

For more information about a certain practice area, please click the links found at the top and left part of this page.  

Finally, Ed, Erika, Cass and Bill are proud to let you know that we created this website.  In developing the site, we chose to take a "less is more" approach, and geared it to you, our clients and future clients.  So while the website may not be as "slick" as the professionally produced websites you may find other lawyers have paid thousands and thousands of dollars to a company that mass produces lawyer websites to create and write, we hope the information on this site is straight forward and helpful to you, as that was our entire intent.   

-Thank you, Ed Jackson, Erika Anderson Hayes, Cass Smithers and Bill Jackson. 

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